When Can I Rub My Eyes After Lasik Reddit

If you’ve recently had Lasik surgery, the first thing you’re probably wondering is, “When can I rub my eyes after Lasik?” This is a perfectly natural question, as Lasik can be an uncomfortable procedure. Luckily, the answer is simple. After Lasik, you have to wait a few weeks before you can rub your eyes without fear of damaging them. In this article, I’ll explain everything you need to know about when you can safely rub your eyes after Lasik surgery. I’ll also discuss the potential risks of rubbing your eyes too soon after the procedure. Read on to learn more about when you can rub your eyes after Lasik Reddit.

What Is Lasik?

After lasik surgery, your eyes will be very dry and it is important to follow specific post-op instructions to avoid irritation and dryness. Immediately after lasik surgery, you should:

1. Pour a small amount of sterile saline solution into each hand and gently clean your eyes with a mild eye cleanser. Use warm water if the solution is too harsh.

2. Apply a sterile adhesive bandage to each eye.

3. Place a sterile, thick piece of gauze over your eyes.

4. Make sure that your head is properly supported, and keep your eyes closed for the first few minutes after lasik surgery.

5. Do not rub your eyes.

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Pre-Lasik: No Rubbing Allowed

Rubbing your eyes after Lasik surgery is not allowed. This is because the Lasik technique relies on a cooling flap that seals the eye. The flap is then cut, and any rubbing can cause the flap to become unstuck and re-open the eye.

During Lasik Surgery: Keep Away From Eyes

During Lasik Surgery, it is important to keep away from your eyes for a few days after the procedure. This is to ensure that the surgery was successful and that your eyes are healing well.

Post-Lasik: When Can You Rub?

Hi, my name is ____ and I had lasik surgery two weeks ago. I just wanted to give a little update on my post-op experience.

I was able to rub my eyes the day after surgery, but I was advised not to do it more than once per day. I followed that advice and haven’t had any problems since. I usually wake up in the morning and do a quick rub before getting out of bed. I usually do a good 2-3 rubs before I go to work.

I usually take a break for lunch and then go back at around 3 or 4pm. I usually do 3-4 more rubs before I go to bed.

I’ve had no issues with my vision whatsoever, but I wanted to let others know that they can rub their eyes as much as they want following lasik surgery. Just make sure to follow the doctor’s instructions carefully and don’t overexert yourself.

Healing Process: Patience is Key

It is important to remember that the healing process for lasik is a long and tedious one. It can take up to two months for your eyes to completely recover. During this time, you will likely experience some mild discomfort and dryness. However, be patient and persist through these symptoms. They will eventually dissipate and you will be able to enjoy the benefits of lasik surgery.

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Complications: When to See a Doctor

If you have problems with your vision after lasik surgery, don’t be discouraged. Here’s what you can do to minimize your chances of experiencing complications. First, be sure to follow your doctor’s post-lasik instructions carefully. If you experience any problems, be sure to see a doctor as soon as possible. And, of course, always keep in mind that no recovery is perfect – Lasik complications may occur at any time, even years later. So, even if your vision seems perfect now, keep an eye out for any signs of complication.

Here’s a list of some potential Lasik complication risks:

– dry eye syndrome
– vision problems after the lasik surgery
– glare problems
– changes in your vision
– halos around lights
– difficulty reading
– decreased night vision
– eye fatigue
– vision changes in the distance

If any of these problems occur, be sure to see your doctor as soon as possible. And remember that even if you have no apparent vision problems right after your lasik surgery, it’s always a good idea to check in with your doctor once or twice a year to make sure that everything is still healing correctly.

Conclusion: Careful Eye Care is Important

I generally advise people to refrain from rubbing their eyes for at least a day after lasik surgery. This is to allow the healing process to occur properly and to reduce the risk of any potential complications. If you do experience any irritation, I advise consulting with your doctor.

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