The PERFECT Makeup Shades For Every Occasion

The PERFECT Makeup Shades For Every Occasion

Lipstick, lip balms, Makeup Shades, lip gloss and all kinds of other lip treatments do wonders for the look, feel, and health of your lips. But which shade or color is best for you depending on what occasion? Lips can choose between a peach start in the depths of summer or an icy off-white hue when the winter winds blow through. Hopefully, this guide will make your lipstick shopping experience easier!
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How To Volunteer Your Face For Every Occasion

The PERFECT Makeup Shades


Most people usually go to the bother of putting on makeup for special occasions, like going out on a date or meeting someone important. However, there are times when you don’t have to worry about what you look like. You can just let your natural features show through! Whether you’re taking a break from makeup or just want to simplify your routine, here are seven occasions when you don’t have to worry about your face look:

1) Meeting New People: A less- makeup-ed version of yourself will be more approachable and less intimidating. Just be sure to keep in mind that eye makeup is key for any meeting!

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2) Having a Casual Date Night: Skip the dresses and heels for some comfortable shoes and some light layers (maybe a blouse or sweater). Let your hair down and enjoy the simple pleasure of being around someone you care about.

3) Celebrating A Special Occasion: Throw on some softening shades and feel extra festive! Your family and friends will love how natural you look. Just make sure not to overdo it – sugar shock is no fun!

4) Destroying Your Enemies In Chess: Who doesn’t love a

Pros and Cons of Kylie Lip Kit

The Kylie Lip Kit has quickly become a classic in the makeup world. It comes with a variety of shades and three types of finishes, matte, soft, and glossy. Lip kits are great for on-the-go makeup because they come with a variety of applicators to help you get perfect, even application every time. However, there are also pros and cons to using a lip kit.


-They come with a variety of shades that can cover any complexion.
-They have three types of finishes which give you more control over how your lipstick looks.
-They are easy to apply and come with a variety of applicators for different application needs.
-They are great for on-the-go makeup because they don’t require much product to be applied.

-The applicators can be difficult to use if you aren’t used to them.
-The shades can be slightly more expensive than other types of makeup.

Best Pink Lipsticks for Spring 2016

Spring is the perfect time to start switching up your makeup routine! Here are some of our favorite pink lipsticks for spring.

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When it comes to pink lipsticks, there is no one better than MAC. MAC always creates the most beautiful and flattering shades, and their new pinks are no exception. Their matte lipsticks in particular are perfect for everyday wear. They go with everything and are incredibly long-lasting.

NARS also creates some of the best shades for every occasion. Their matte shade range goes from natural to intense, making them perfect for every skin tone. Some of their best-selling shades include Dolce Vita and Rapture.

Last but not least, Bakersfield has some of the most unique and fashionable shades on the market. From candy floss to bubblegum, they have a shade for everyone. Bakersfield is also one of the longest-lasting brands, staying on your lips all day long without becoming dry or cracking.

Best Eye Makeup Colors for Every Weight

Whether you’re looking to update your collection of eye makeup shades or just need a few ideas for when the mood strikes you, this guide is for you. And even if you don’t think you have any specific colors in mind, these selections will at least get you thinking about how to mix and match different shades for an endless variety of looks. So whether you’re feeling bold and natural or want some extra drama, these are the perfect shades for every occasion.

Blues and greens
These two colors always go together, so they make an excellent choice for updating your eye makeup color palette. Blues can add an icy touch to green eyes, making them look lighter and more awake. Similarly, green eyes can be made black with a little blue pigment mixed in, adding an extra pop of color to an otherwise simple eye look.

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Browns and tans
Adding warmth to icy blues and greens is a classic beauty trick that brown eyes excel at. Brown tones can brighten up any eye color while adding depth and dimension. Try pairing brown shadows with warm lashes and brows to achieve the perfect everyday smoky eye look!

 Basic Salon Layouts And How They Affect Customers

Makeup is one of the most important parts of any woman’s beauty routine. It can make a big difference in how people feel about themselves and how they look.

When it comes to makeup, there are dozens of different shades and styles to choose from. That can be overwhelming for some women. What do you do if you don’t know what shade to wear?

There are a few basic salon layouts that will help you choose the right makeup shades for any occasion. We’ll discuss each one in detail below.

One-Eyed Opacity System: This system is used by many high-end salons. It requires customers to choose one color from a selection of shades. Then, their makeup artist will create a custom makeup shade based on the customer’s choice. This system is great for women who want to have complete control over their looks. It also helps to avoid clashes between different shades in peoples’ skin tones.

Two-Eyed Opacity System: This system is used by many lower-end salons. It works very similar to the one-eyed opacity system, except that customers can alternate between two colors whenever they want. This system is great for women who want more flexibility with

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